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Top Rated Moving Services is proud to provide military moving service to all members & their families each year.

Long Distance Moving Services For Military

Military relocation & transfers can occur for a number of reasons. Permanent Change of Station orders or temporary duty in another station far from your current home may occasion this move. We understand all this very well, which is why we specifically designed a transportation package for military personnel. We provide hassle free relocations. Furthermore, we have the many Resources and experience to ensure that every detail has been effectively covered.

We are GSA approved, which means that we comprehend clearly all the different and intricate procedures involved in military relocation. We have had the experience and privilege to relocate close to 300,000 families, so you can tell we are familiar with the military relocation business. With this expertise and experience, you can rest assured that we will handle your transition seamlessly and professionally.


Innovative Moving Solutions For Military Families

Top Rated Moving Service is committed to setting the standards when it comes to military relocation services. Our innovative solutions for Moving The Family can be an easy one, with a vast variety of services like Packing & Unpacking can free up time with your move which is designed with the military family in mind so you can spend more time with your loved ones. These innovative solutions are also Cleaning Services to ensure that you leave your former home as pristine and clean as you found it.


Solutions For International Military Relocation

Thankfully our long experience in the field and gain of military transfer has given us experience with over 100 countries worldwide. This means that Top Rated Moving Services is superbly gifted with the skills of International Moving Services and experienced to handle seamless moves from departure to arrival. Our experienced team will handle your pre-relocation plans with ease, even arranging customs clearance for you.


State To State Long Distance Relocation

Similarly, our long years in the relocation business have allowed us to be a leader of national, military interstate relocations. We have access to a number of movers throughout the country and this wide network of partners allows us to handle any Interstate Relocation need you may experience. We have the coveted federal license that allows us to provide military families with professional military relocation service.

Our GSA Approved Status

This refers to the General Service Administration approval that means you have been cleared and rated highly enough to offer services to the USA government. Top Rated Moving Service has this coveted rating, which means we are well equipped to handle the relocation needs of military personnel and their personnel.

Consider A Personally Procured Move

Military moving is not like your average relocation. On average, members of the military experience moving & relocation more than the ordinary citizen. While we have seen how Permanent Change of Station orders contributes to a majority of all military moving, temporary duty also contributes to relocation for many military families. Before you consider moving, one should be careful to do a quick and intensive look into the options available.

Moving & relocating should be as stress-free as possible. Reputable military long distance movers like Top Rated Moving Services understand the need to preserve receipts and supporting documentation for your move. As a leading national moving company, We are also shockingly affordable & treats your belongings and household goods with the utmost delicateness.

After all moving your family, Moving Pets & large items, is in quite itself a delicate task. Moving successfully will require personalized Moving Services of a reputable moving company like us!

FAQ’s On Military Relocation


How long does it take to complete the Relocation Process?

The simple answer to this answer is that it all depends on various factors like the prevailing weather conditions, time of the year, and the time that it will take to pack, move and unpack your personal effects. Similarly, the destination to which your belongings are headed plays a role in determining the cost of the movement.


What is the Cost Involved in the Relocation Process?

Again, it all depends on the particular services you have requested for. Additional services will usually result in a higher fee. The cost of relocation for military personnel will usually depend on the distance that the shipment will have to travel and the volume or size of the package to be delivered. Additionally, there will be an extra moving charge for Full-Value Protection along with any extra services you may require to make your relocation complete.


What Sets Us Apart From Other Moving Companies?

Our long experience as a reputable army moving company allows us to stake a claim to the title of a national moving company. We have handled the seamless transfers and transitions of thousands of army personnel and their families. Our high ratings and glowing client reviews are testament to the fact that we offer nothing but professional moving services.

Due to our long experience in moving and relocating army families, we are able to anticipate the needs of the army personnel we are moving. We give you the ultimate control over the move and relocation while saving you time, energy and money in the process.


What to do when you get your Permanent Change of Station Orders?

Once you get the Permanent Change of Station orders, then the procedure to follow is quite simple and easy to implement. It is essential to talk to your base Traffic Management Office to learn about the available relocation options. Usually, one is allowed to choose between relocation options or arrange the relocation privately.

Of course, talking over the move with your family to prepare them psychologically for the relocation is also critical. After all the disciplined forces personnel relocation arrangements have been made, it is now time to make the actual move. It is critically important to track all your moving expenses and have all the different receipts and supporting documentation with you. This paperwork will go a long way during the reimbursement of your relocation expenses. Typically, the army will reimburse you for your relocation expenses. You may also be subject to some allowances from the armed forces because of the moving cost.  This kind of privately arranged army relocation is commonly referred to as a Personally Procured Move. For this sort of relocation plan, you must get prior approval so that you can be reimbursed for your moving expenses.

Besides, it is always prudent to inquire if you may be subject to an additional allowance, known as an Advanced Operating Allowance. The other option that is open to members of the army is government-sponsored relocation. The army will pay pre-approved movers to handle all your relocation needs. In such armed forces relocations, the entire costs of the move are paid for by the army. A personally procured relocation entitles you to a 95% reimbursement of what the army would have paid to relocate.


Top Rated Moving Services

Movers offer all sorts of discounts and promotions for moving members of the military, so it is prudent to look out for all the offers and discounts available.

Top Rated Moving Services is your military transfer company of choice. In its short years of existence, Top Rated has managed to be a leading National Moving Company for military long distance services.

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