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Relocation is one of the most tedious tasks you will ever experience—especially a Long Distance Relocation. Top Rated Moving Services understands your struggles so let us handle all the hard work for you.

Top Rated Moving Services simplifies your challenges when relocating with all the safety moving regulations ensuring safety for your items. Long Distance Movers work hard to provide you with a smooth and unforgettable experience.

The company’s qualified team is always available to provide all your Long Distance Moving Services.

Long Distance Moving Experts

The company offers many Long Distance Moving Experts to make your long distance move an easy one with packaging and storage facilities services with comprehensive long distance moving equipment & resources for all your needs!

Packing & Unpacking
Packing & Unpacking is one of the services we offer to save you time to your long distance move. We also customize your packing plan to organize your long distance moving experience.

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Car Shipping 
Every time you opt for a car shipping service with Top Rated’s Car Shipping, you will get a shipping specialist to assist you in navigating through all the shipping paperwork. The company specialist assigned to you will get your car shipped in no time

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Move In & Move Out Cleaning
Making the place clean before or after the moving process is particularly stressful as there is just so much junk and debris. Top Rated Moving Services has the perfect solution offering Move In & Move Out Cleaning Services that are particularly tailored for relocating families. 

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Storage Solutions
Because we have long been the best long distance moving company in the area, we can help our customers providing them with Storage Solutions. This means that our customers can store their items for a long distance move when their home is not yet ready. 

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Long Distance Moving Experts

How is a Long Distance Move made?

A Long Distance Moving Planner will assist you in preparing for your move. Timely delivery will help make your relocation a breeze because our services are ones that you can count on. There are plenty of long distance moving tips that are provided to help guide you in the process.


  • Local moving: This is short distance relocation within the same state.

  • Intrastate moving: This is a longer distance than the local move. They occur within the same state. These moves are considered local even though they are within the same state.

  • Interstate moving: This move involves the move across state lines. These moves can be considered long distance moves. They require special authority to perform.

Hire The Right Long Distance Mover

Hiring a Moving Company will take a load of stress off your shoulders. First, a professional and experienced company will help make moving a seamless transition. The idea of carrying boxes and furniture downstairs and through narrow spaces doesn’t sound appealing to most individuals. Anyone who has medical complications or is older should hire a company to assist in loading and unloading furniture and boxes from one location to another. Commercial entities who are looking to expand or relocate their headquarters already have much to do during a moving transition, so hiring a company to assist in the actual relocation process will allow for management to concentrate on more important items to help keep the business flowing during the transition.

A trusted moving company r
egardless if you are a corporate manager that is in charge of relocating your company, or if you are a single mom looking to move your family to a new state, Top Rated Moving Services has the Long Distance Moving Resources that you need to make your move an easy one. 

Professional Moving Services Made Easy!

Long Distance Moving Types

Small Moves

A Small Move Solution is offered to individuals planning to move a few pieces of equipment. Our movers of Small Move Solutions are rated the best. A small move solution is convenient and fast which offer a suitable time guaranteed according to your schedule.


Residential Moves

There are several types of moving services that Top Rated Moving Services provide. This includes local moving and intrastate moving. Local Moving could be as simple as moving into the apartment across the street.


International Moves

Top Rated Moving Services will help you come up with an international moving plan that ensures that your move is as streamlined as possible. Once you are assigned an international moving consultant you will work together to move forward.


Corporate Relocation

Top Rated Moving Services has helped thousands of employees find the corporate moving services they need to help them get where they had to go.


What Our Customers Say

“My movers were incredible. Totally smooth process, accurate estimates and fantastic communication! They checked on me before, during and after my move. Really exceptional service!”

Jimmy T.
Moved from San Francisco, CA, to Chicago, IL

“Our move was amazing! Our movers were extremely helpful throughout the whole process and incredibly supportive through a life-changing event… moving!”

Sharon L.
Moved from Atlanta, GA, to Baltimore, MD

The whole team made our move so easy and stress-free! Our movers were fantastic and great to work with! Our move was both smooth and efficient.

Betsy N.
Moved from Minneapolis, MN, to Fer. Beach, FL

Plan Your Long-Distance Move

Destination List Checklist

After the long days of prepping, packing, moving out & traveling. This destination checklist will make the move-in day be very ecstatic.Having a checklist will make all of this process more easy to handle.

Move In Checklist

Changing home involves a lot more than just grabbing your belongings & going. The “Move in Checklist” contains tips that are typically overlooked which should be considered before moving day.

Packing 101 Checklist

With our Packing 101 we will provide you tricks in how to organize our belongings efficiently to save money & time

First Night Box Checklist

Get to know our Top Rated Moving Services which will help you make the first night an enjoyable & easier transition in your new home. Make sure to pack a “first night” box with items you’ll need for the 1st night : unpacking, cleaning, eating and hygiene.

Non Allowable Checklist

Top Rated Moving Services is dedicated in operating with safety, so we want to make sure you know what items (e.g. flammable gases, Explosives and toxic substances) are restricted and should not be packed into your moving list.

Pack Separately Checklists

Safety is much better than letting things happen without control, when packing your valuable personal items. things that require additional care or security are better kept in your personal ride during the move.

Moving Tips & Guides

Check out our expert resources for those searching for DIY advice, packing tips, checklists and more!