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International Moving Services

Top Rated Moving Services is a globally recognized International Moving Service provider. Planning an international move is no easy feat as you have multiple things to consider such as; de-cluttering, selling or leasing your house, putting your paperwork in order among other things. All these coupled with moving to a new place might seem very overwhelming. We have one of the best trained, highly skilled International Moving Services team that will make your relocation as seamless as possible.

Initial Pre-Move Consultation

Once you have chosen Top Rated Moving Services for your international relocation, we will look at your moving needs and the customized services that you require. The international relocation team will then give you an individualized quote. You will also be assigned a International Moving Consultant from our international team who will guide you throughout your moving process.

Booking Your Move

Once your consultant from the international team has finished up with your quote and your dates have been locked down, your move will be booked on our international calendars. Your International Relocation consultant will keep in touch with you at every stage and ensure that your international moving experience is as stress-free as possible. This will free up your mind so you to plan ahead and focus on other aspects of your relocation.

International Transportation

Your International Transportation Service from Top Rated Moving Services will ensure that your items are transported by road, ship or airplane based on your individual needs. Your customized quote will include all the details of your international move such as the mode of transport to be used.

International relocation design and lay-out

Your international moving consultant will work out all the details of your move such as; locking down your International Move dates, offering direction with regards to organizing your paper work, required documentation for international customs authorization, tracing and following up on the status of your items. Top Rated Moving Services will ensure that all the moving logistics of your international relocation are taken care of giving you peace of mind.

Packing and Unloading

When your move day finally arrives, your international move consultant will coordinate with Top Rated Moving Services on ground team to come and pack your items according to your International Moving Plan. Once the items have been properly packed, they will be transported by the appropriate medium to their new location where they will be carefully unloaded.


Once your items arrive at their International Moving destination, Top Rated Moving Services on-ground team will transport your goods to their final address. Top Rated Moving Services has experienced drivers who use the latest technology to ensure that your items are moved safely, securely and that nothing is damaged in transit or during unloading.

International Moving

International Moving Plan

International Moving Services

Top Rated Moving Services has a set procedure when it comes to International Relocations. We promise to provide you with unparalleled customer service by adhering to industry ethos, being honest in our transactions and; offering unmatched quality moving services. Our international relocations team will properly guide you through the process eliminating any chance of misunderstandings.
Personal International Relocation Consultant
Top Rated Moving Services international relocation consultants are among the best in the industry. 
They are well versed in all aspects of international moving such as:
  • clearing with customs.
  • required paper work. 
  • restricted items & shipment timelines. 
International Customs Clearance Management
Countries have different rules regarding permitted items and restricted goods. They also have multiple paperwork among other things that end up making international moving very complex. 
Our international moving team are well versed in customs clearance which is a sure bet when it comes to ensuring that your items safely arrive at their destination.
Packing & Storage Services
We are cognizant that at times it is not possible to travel with your items during the move. You may be unable to sort out all your items at once so using our Storage Options.
Top Rated Moving Services has a highly skilled on-ground team that uses advanced Packing & Unpacking Services with extensive training in proper packing that adheres to international standards 
International Property Protection
Top Rated Moving Services will offer you property moving protection during your international move.
 Your International Relocation Consultant will furnish you with all the details you need so that you can make a decision that best suits you. 
International Property Protection ensures that amends will be made in case any item is damaged while moving.
International Moving Services
Overseas Corporate Relocation

Overseas Corporate Relocation

Moving Tips & Guides

Top Rated Moving Services is aware of the complexities and attention to details required when making an international relocation. Our International Relocation Company has curated a few moving tips & guides to furnish you with the information you need as you plan to move. The tips will help you get a footing of the impending move and ensure your relocation is as smooth as possible. For your frequently asked questions review our international moving FAQs.

Are you about to make an international relocation? 

Moving to a new country should not be a cause for alarm or give you sleepless nights. Top Rated Moving Services will ensure that you have the most pleasant experience when you are moving. Get in touch with one of our International Moving Service customer care agents today to get a customized quote and all the support that you need.