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Looking for a house that fits your needs is no easy task. It may take several viewings to finally get what you want. This may at times take days, weeks of even months. Once you land the perfect house, the next thought that comes to mind is the small move solutions.

How do you get all your valuable stuff to your new place without risking any damage? 

The very thought of packing everything into boxes and then unpacking them in your new home is enough to cause anyone sleepless nights. This is where Top Rated Moving Services comes in, an industry leader when it comes to small move solutions. The moving company prides itself in using a vast variety of Resources, the latest technology & great customer service to provide you a seamless small move experience!

Types Of Small Moves

At Top Rated Moving Services, no move is too small to us. We are known for meeting our customers at their point of need by offering small moves solution that other traditional moving companies would never consider. So, what qualifies for a small move service?

· One- bedroom house

Top Rated Moving Services will offer you a competitive quote that will give you peace of mind as you move into your one-bedroom house.

· One- to three- bedroom apartment

Top Rated Moving Services will help you move your items to your upgraded apartment and will ensure that no item is damaged in the process.

· Studio apartment

At Top Rated Moving Services, small moves are what we are known for. Our professionals are ready to provide you with the support you need as you prepare for move day.

· Dorm room

The items you need in your dorm room might be few but Top Rated Moving Services has a tailor-made solution that will get them to their destination safely and in one piece.

· Storage Unit

Top Rated Moving Services values all our customers items, we will ensure that all your storage items are safely moved to your storage unit.




· Dispersing family heirlooms

The process of disbursing family heirlooms is stressful enough by itself. You often have to deal with the loss of a loved one, attachments to items and at times disagreements between family members. Once you have decided who gets what, Top Rated Moving Services will ensure that your treasured items are safely delivered to the intended person giving you a sense of peace.

· Changing office space or shop location

When you feel it is time to move your business to a new address, Top Rated Moving Services is the place for you. Whether it is stock items or office stationery an equipment, we will ensure that everything gets to your new destination in one piece. We strive to offer small move solutions to businesses that make moving hassle free so that you can focus on the important goals such as settling in.

• Helping your parents move into a care facility 

This type of small move is especially sensitive since your parents will most probably have sentimental items that they really value. It might be your baby photos or the Christmas card you drew when you were five years old. When the time comes for them to move to an assisted living facility, Top Rated Moving Services will ensure that all their possessions are transported safely and will get to the final destination undamaged.

• Moving out of your parent’s home

Moving out of home is never easy. After living with your parents or guardians most of your life, you often find yourself attached to many items that you would want to take with you to your new place. Small move services such as this one is taken care of professionally by Top Rated Moving Services teams who ensure that your items are safely transported.

• Sending your friend items out of state

You might have a special gift for a friend who lives in another state. Top Rated Moving Services will ensure your item gets to its destination as it might not always be possible to see or visit each other.

What's Included In The Small Move Service?

Top Rated Moving Services ensures that all small moves services are dealt with the highest level of professionalism and dedication. Our small moves team prides itself in using sophisticated technology & exemplary customer service for a seamless moving experience. The following is what’s included in a Top rated move.

· Personal small moves coordinator

Our company will assign a personal move coordinator to ensure that your moving experience is as stress free as possible. The personal coordinator will ensure that your moving schedule is on track and will be available to answer any questions that may arise in the process.

· Loading, transporting & unloading of household items

Top Rated Moving Services will send a team who will load and transport your belongings. Once you get to your destination, they will carefully unload all your items.

· Full Value Protection

Top Rated Moving Services will make amends to our customer in case any item is lost, broken or damaged during small moves journeys unless you waived this option. Based on valuation of your items, the company will come up with a Moving Protection plan on how to remedy the situation should it arise. Be sure to speak to your personal move coordinator about your unique situation.

· Disassembling & reassembling standard bed structures

Assembling your bed frame will be handled by qualified personnel that will ensure your furniture is not destroyed in the process. Our small moves staff is equipped with proper equipment to carry out their tasks.

· Transportation of devices

Appliances are very sensitive and they are often the most damaged when not properly transported. Our small moves coordinators will ensure that your appliances arrive at their destination without any damage. Servicing, connecting & disconnecting is however not included.

· Standard Furniture arrangement

Once your items have reached their final destination, our small moves team will place furniture where they need to be.

· Qualified drivers & advanced equipment

Our small moves team is made up of qualified drivers who have years of driving experience. You can be assured of your items arriving safely and in one piece as the proper equipment will be used to package and transport them.

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What are the benefits of Top Rated?

Top Rated Moving Services local movers is a unique moving solutions that allows a stress-free moving process as our team takes care of the fine details. Some of the benefits of moving with Top Rated Moving Services include:

  • Meticulously prepared quotes that enable you to financially plan for your move.
  • Locked down move dates so that you can plan ahead.
  • Simplified pricing that takes away the stress of budgeting and planning your move.
  • Full value protection of your items. Unless you opt out, the small moves team will ensure replacements items that are lost or damaged during the moving process.
As seen above, the benefits of Top Rated Moving Services local movers will help you deal with the overwhelming task of moving giving you a pleasant experience. Moving into a new place should be an exciting venture and not a heavy load on your shoulders. Get in touch with us today to talk to one of our customer service rock stars and receive a customized quote as you prepare for your move.

Packing Services for Small Moves

Top Rated Moving Services customizes packing services for small moves to your unique needs and also offers additional services that will make the process as stress-free as possible. Your personal coordinator will be on hand to advise you on what packages suit your budget and requirements.

Storage Services for Small Moves

You might need storage services when moving. Your new place may not be ready for immediate move in or all your household items may not fit in your new place. Franco’s Moving Company offers long and short-term storage services for small moves that will make your experience as hassle-free as possible. 

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