Understanding Your Moving Protection

Full Value Protection v. Moving Insurance

Moving Protection

How does the basic Full Value Protection plan work?

You should know how the plan is calculated and why it is important to complete the High-Value Moving Inventory Form that comes with the plan. The option is included in every initial quote that is offered and you should really consider keeping it on.

The standard amount can be easily calculated by multiplying the estimated weight of the shipment by $6 for every pound. A prime example of this is that you would get ar least $40,800 if your shipment happened to weigh 6,800 pounds. That does not mean that is the only amount you can get. If you feel there are items of higher value, you can increase the amount after this amount is figured out.

High Value Inventory Form

You have to completely feel out a high-value form in order to use this moving protection plan. You need to complete this form in order to make a note of any of your items that are valued higher than $100 per pound. Examples of these kinds of items are glass bottles/wine, artwork, high-end furniture, jewelry, designer clothes, collectibles, antiques, and electronics. There is an important reason why this form has to be filled. For example, if you happen to have a pair of authentic diamond earrings, they would not weight much and would be worth more than $100. If they are are not on the form and get lost, you would only get $6 for compensation. By being listed on the form, you will get the full value of the earrings.

Additional Protection

There are additional moving protection options that can be added by Top Rated Moving Services. These additional options can be added to your quote to offer your further protection on your items, such as having long distance moving protection for long distance moving and protection on International moves. Now, not all of these options will be available for you, so you need to talk it over when you get a quote for your move.

Minimum Liability Valuation

Even if you choose to have the Full Value Protection, you still get this option automatically. This option is required by law to be on every quote when it comes to moving. This is a requirement because the company has to cover some cost if there are any damages done or any items lost during the move. The thing with the protection plan though is that you only get $0.60 per pound for the whole shipment. This plan is highly unadvised because of this low cost. It is basically guaranteed that you will lose money with this program. An example is a 30 pound TV is much more expensive then what this plan will pay.

Increased Declaration

This is an option that comes with the Full Value Protection, and this is where you can state a higher price than what the basic amount is for your items under this plan. You have the option to increase the amount at any given time during the process, such as when the items are being loaded for shipment.

Claim Assist

The claim assist program that is offered helps you to declare a higher value on your items then the basic amount offered. You will have to complete a claim form and should have the items that are damaged that will need to be fixed. If you do not have the item, you cannot make the claim if it is damaged. Now, if the item is simply lost, you will just have to fill out the form. With this program, there are other service packages that can be chosen to opt-in, but you only get to pick one additional package.

Pairs and Sets Waiver

When it comes to you having items that are part of a matching set or pairs, it can be more complicated if one of them is damaged or lost. This, on the other hand, helps with this by waving the defense that could come up with this problem. The company can cover the costs of getting the item repaired or getting a new one to make the pair or set complete again. If a replacement can not be gotten, the company would cover the cost of the whole set or pair for you.

Mechanical Malfunction Waiver

There is a lot of things that can happen during your move that can play into causing problems with your mechanical items. Now, they can be damaged during the move, which could be visible and will be compensated. The thing is though that some mechanical items can have trouble running from simply being vibrated during the move, and this helps cover these problems.

Acts of God Waiver

There are things that can affect your delivery, such as an act of God. This includes any kind of natural disaster that could cause damage or loss of items during the moving process. This is a nice choice for long distance moving insurance because a lot can happen during long distance moving.

Additional Delay Payment

If the delivery is delayed and is not because you needed it to be, then you could use this to get compensated for this up to $250 a day until your delivery arrives. This makes it a great plan for any out of state moving.

Increased Destination Wait Time

If something was to come up and you were not ready for the items at the time that is stated on the delivery schedule, the delivery can be delayed for up to four hours but no more.

Identity Theft Protection

You have the chance to add one year of this protection, but you should see the tariff for the program’s terms and conditions.

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