About Our Leadership

Executive leader:

Caleb Stern ; Chairman of the Board

Elected as chairman  back in 2019 of Top Rated Moving Services and its operating subsidiaries. Caleb has served the industry as leader for more than 20 years & has been a member of UniGroup’s Board of Directors for the past 6 years

As well Caled served The Suddath Companies as the chief executive officer before retiring in 2017 & currently sits as vice chairman on Suddath’s Board of Directors.


Jess Gelbert ; President & CEO
Jess became president and CEO of UniGroup in 2018 & operates subsidiaries, including Top Rated Moving Services, in 2019.

Jess also is  responsible for operating in leadership roles. She has determined to improve the experience of the transportation industry which has been successful in increasing experience & growth to the organizations she leads.


Company History


– Founded on 2017

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