How To Delicately Move AntiquesWhenever you are about to move home you will usually be concerned about the issue of damaged belongings during the move. Antiques add another layer of concern to your potential problems when you are moving home with the problems caused by damage. When you are moving home you should look to the work of our Top Rated Moving Services to ensure you are fully protected from any damage to your antiques throughout your move to a new property.

Start With An Appraisal

The first step in your move is to ensure you are getting the correct coverage for your antiques. When you work with Top Rated Moving Services you will find yourself being offered different forms of insurance coverage to protect your antiques in case of damage. In some cases, this coverage is offered at a specific value per weight of goods moved to provide a certain level of coverage without taking into account your antiques. If you believe your belongings are worth more it is a good idea to obtain an appraisal from a qualified professional who can place a specific dollar amount on the value of your antiques.

There are many options to explore when you are looking for an appraiser, including the use of a professional from the American Society of Appraisers. This is a good option for you if you are hoping to protect your antiques to the correct amount because you will struggle to claim any compensation without a professional appraisal. An appraisal will be completed in person in most cases, but if you have only a few items there is the opportunity to undergo a photographic appraisal. Making sure clear photographs of each item being covered are available will make an appraisal easier and avoid issues over condition arising should damage to your antiques occur.

Take A Close Look At Your Moving Protection Plan

When you are looking to move your antiques, you should always be aware of the level of coverage you have from your moving company. You must take the time to document your belongings to make sure you can prove the condition of your antiques should an unfortunate incident occur. This can be done with a video camera or by using a smartphone camera to record as many of your belongings as possible. By using a video camera, you can spend some time exploring every angle to ensure you can show the original condition of your antiques during any insurance claim. Included in the information detailed are all signatures or special markings that set these items apart.

Once you have completed an appraisal with a professional expert you will usually want to make sure every item on your inventory that is of high value is listed and insured separately. The main concern at this point is making sure you have the correct value for your antiques, usually those rated above $100 per pound. Moving Services will include a High-Value Content Form that will record the value and description of the antiques you want to protect from damage on your moving journey.

Getting Ready To Pack For The Big Move

When you find out your moving day is arriving quickly the mind tens to have a problem of double checking everything to see if everything is ready to go. It’s always important to carry a Checklist to keep everything organized. Packing for your moving day is a part of any move and causing a large amount of stress. Top Rated Moving Services provides a wide variety of Resources to make your move much smoother. This will usually come prepared for any eventuality with the correct tools and equipment for your move to a new home.

A good option for any homeowner to take is to identify the antiques they are most concerned about and get them ready for the move. The first step should be to have them assessed by an expert who will be able to provide some advice on cleaning and correctly storing your antiques. The cleaning process can be a tough one with certain products not being a good option for you to undertake. For example, the use of certain forms of wax on wooden furniture before it is stored is not a good idea because it will lead to a softening of the finish.

Remain on Hand During the Move

The decision to move to a new home is often a stressful one with little more wearing on the nerves than a major move. After undergoing through the appraisal and preparation stages of the moving process, you will find yourself at moving day and fearing any antique items will be damaged. You can feel secure in the knowledge your large furniture will be wrapped in heavy blankets to keep it safe during the journey.

Even if you have taken the time to work with an expert to wrap every antique in your home for protection, you will feel nervous that your belongings will be damaged. What you will find with our professional movers is a team that is willing to provide you with expert service at all times. Your moving service will usually appreciate you being available to guide them through the delicate items that need to be handled with care.

Arriving At Your New Property

There is a very little more stressful than making a move to a new property whether you are moving antiques or more modern items. Your belongings are always personal to you and carry the memories you have created over the course of your life. Top Rated Moving Services will complete your move by getting all your belongings in the correct location and helping with the unpacking when required. There are a few different ways our service can be used to make your move happen quickly and safely.

Whenever you feel there is a problem with your move you should spend a little time discussing the issues that have arisen with an agent or the customer service line. You may arrive at your new location and find some of your belongings that need to be assembled with our team usually available to assist with every aspect of your move. Every care is always taken to move your belongings correctly but there are times when you will find problems with your move. By contacting your Top Rated agent with the details of any problems you may find you will find a speedy resolution to your issues

To find more information about Top Rated Moving Services check with The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA) to learn about the consumers rights while moving.

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